Spring Wedding – What is the cheapest month to get married

Spring Wedding Pros & Cons
There are so many pros to saying ‘I do’ in the spring—some you might not have considered!

Spring décor. Think pretty pastels, blooming cherry blossoms, and fresh greenery!
You might get more “yes” replies because friends and family aren’t taking conflicting vacations left and right like during the carefree days of summer.
You could have the best of both worlds with an indoor/outdoor wedding—if the weather cooperates or you rent a pretty tent!
But, there are definitely some negatives to a spring wedding:

Spring weather is completely unpredictable in most areas of the U.S.—and even in some more exotic destinations!
Venue and vendor pricing starts to creep upward. Take a look at your budget and decide whether you can afford a peak-wedding season affair…if not, plan for the early part of the season and save.
Destination wedding and honeymoon prices could also go up due to spring break and all the folks looking to get a head start on their tan.
Your favorite venues and vendors could be booked up months to years in advance for springtime wedding dates. Yup, it’s all about supply and demand…

Spring Color Palette
Since spring is that lovely period of transition between winter and summer, you can basically get away with any color scheme. If you’re into the moody blues and grays of early spring’s sometimes stormy skies and cooler temps, go with it. But, those so-close-to-summer days of May and June are just begging for vibrant combos of yellow, coral, and other bright colors.  

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